What’s it like to drive a Spyder?

If I had a quarter for every time someone has asked me what it’s like to drive a CanAm Spyder RT I would have 2 Spyders.  😉  Seriously though I get asked this question a lot and I can’t help but smile every time.   I just wish I could let everyone go for a ride to experience the fun factor but I can’t so I have to try to explain it to them.

I’ve driven motorcycles, snow mobiles, three wheelers (old style), 4 wheelers, jet skis, boats, and all sorts of cars, trucks and campers from fast convertibles to Class A RV’s.    The Spyder is kinda in a class by itself.   It steers similar to a quad, handles like a car, drives like a motorcycle, feels like a combination of snow mobile, convertible, and motorcycle.   If I had to make a comparison to just one I would pick the 4 wheeler because of the steering.    What everyone wants to know is what it’s like to have 2 wheels in the front.   The Spyder doesn’t lean into a corner so there is some centrifugal force which causes the Spyder to lean out of the corner.    This can feel very strange to someone who is used to riding motorcycles but it’s familiar to riders of 4 wheelers.

The comfort is top of the line.  Even Honda Goldwing owners have complimented the comfort of the seat.   The rider position is straight up with knees bent at almost 90 degrees.   There’s plenty of “wiggle room” in the seat and I have never had a sore butt after a long day driving.   There is ample room for the passenger and plenty of options to add for rider comfort.

The aerodynamics are like a rhinoceros.  It plows though wind, and inclement weather.   I have never felt worried with side winds, or the occasional head wind from a passing truck.  I have driven the Spyder in the rain and have had no issues.   Large puddles can be avoided and standing water is a no-no, but that’s the same for any vehicle.   It seems to me that the faster the Spyder goes the more stable it is.   This is just my assumption, but the front end is so large and has such a strange aerodynamic curve that the head wind seems to push the front end down giving more stability and traction to the front wheels.

The Spyder is also packed full of technology that you normally find in automobiles.   Brembo anti lock brakes, Sachs shocks, intelligent traction control (Vehicle Stability System), 6 speed semi automatic transmission, Bluetooth 4 audio and intercom, 1200 watt alternator, liquid cooled dual radiators, electronic adjustable windshield, cruise control, ECO mode, and more.    It also has an engine that can satisfy with speed and torque.  The Rotax 1330 inline-triple is capable of a top speed of  117 MPH and it has a tow rating of 400 lbs.  It has a 6.9 gallon tank and can achieve 36 MPG.

The storage is another thing we love.    41 gallon capacity across 4 compartments.  The front compartment being the largest.   We can and have stored 5+ days of clothes and toiletries for our travels just on the Spyder.   It’s super convenient to have everything we need for a few days on the Spyder with us and not on our person.

BUT what do I really say when someone asks me “What’s it like to drive a Spyder?”  I smile and tell them that it’s a heck of a lot of fun!   You should go test drive one if you get the chance.   You will experience first hand what I am talking about.

If you have any experience with CanAm Spyder’s or motorcycles tell us what you think in the comments section below.   We love reading what you have to say.

Take care, until next time….
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