What’s it like to ride the back of a Spyder?

What’s it like to be a passenger on our 2014 CanAM Spyder RT you ask?  It is a very comfortable ride, even more so with the changes Mark has added for me.    Mark added armrests for me along with a cupholder and I wouldn’t ride without either.  The footrest also has to be in a comfortable position and I am good to go for miles.  Our neighbor rigged a mesh pouch for me and it is attached to the underside of my armrest for my phone or whatever small thing I want close.

The passenger seat is quite comfortable and I can move around without disturbing Mark and can even stand if I need to.  Mark USUALLY warns me when a big bump is coming up so I can brace a  – if I am too relaxed a big bump can jam my back quite a bit.   I feel quite secure sitting on the back of the bike and if I was a car sleeper I’m sure I could doze off quite often – unfortunately I am not a car sleeper.

I ride with my camera strap wrapped around my right wrist so I can take pictures anytime I want.  When he is driving on a curvy road this becomes a pain because I feel I should hold on.  Route 555 (formerly Route 666) in Ohio was the one and only time I think I can say I was quite grumpy when he stopped for a break half way through the road.  It was curve after curve and he was having way too much fun!  Trying to hold on with one hand and a camera on the other was not fun and I think I told him about it!

We have close to 11,000 miles on the Spyder and I have been on the back for at least 8,000 of those miles.  When it comes to going somewhere I would rather be on the Spyder and have a disappointment when we have to take the car.