My GPS is amazing.  Dare to compare.

GPS is now just as embedded in mainstream as cell phones.   Everyone has one and everyone uses one.  What’s your favorite GPS device, GPS software, or GPS feature?

There are so many options available for GPS and it can take a some time to research based on your specific needs.   There is GPS for street navigation, trail navigation, marine navigation, bikes, walking, even for commuter trains and subway directions.  My GPS was selected because of a list of specific requirements and I think it’s amazing.

I use the app Navigon on an iPhone as my primary GPS.   One of the selling points among many for me was “off line maps” which I can download and they are stored on the phone.   This means the application doesn’t need an internet/data connection to calculate and display directions for me.  Another feature that is used for every trip is the option to select the type of road to travel.   For instance I can set Navigon to avoid highways, toll roads, even residential streets for route calculation.   You can also pick the type of route with choices like Fast or Optimum, but the one most used for me is the Scenic option.    I will explain in a minute.   Another selling point was a choice of vehicle and motorcycle is one of those choices.

So here’s the scenario.   I wake up one morning and decide to pack up for the weekend and head south to the river where we will spend a few days camping on the shore.   I research and find a place to stay and then pull up the Navigon app.   I enter the address of our destination and select the options for avoiding highways, toll roads, etc.  I choose motorcycle as my vehicle and Scenic as my route option.    Then we pack up and head out.    What would have been 2 hours in a car on the freeway has turned into a scenic backroad country tour through rolling hills, farmland, lakes, small towns, and the occasional amish buggy.   4-5 hours later we arrive at our destination talking about what we had just seen and after a few days at the river we’re ready to do it again on the way home.  The entire trip I never had to worry about losing my map signal, traffic, speeding, rest areas and there was so much to see and do that a second trip was needed just to see it all.

I love my GPS.


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