Kentucky travel day 2

Our second day in Kentucky we road East from Lexington and intended to ride around Daniel Boone National Forest, but Mother Nature had different plans for us.

It’s not often we get caught in the rain but it’s also not that big a deal when we have the Spyder and some common sense. It was still an amazing ride.

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Kentucky travel day 1

Join us as we head south for a much need scenic vacation and it just happens to be our 29th wedding anniversary week.

We are taking our time and enjoying the scenery. Stopping along the way to visit the last of our southern Ohio courthouses and diner at the Ohio river.

BTW, this is an exciting milestone as this was shot entirely on a mobile phone and edited on an iPad with LumaFusion. Thanks Henny. (

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Travel Tech

What technology will you not live without even if it means giving up valuable packing space?

I have to ask this question every time we are getting ready to set off on a new adventure.  There are a few things I won’t live without even it it means I will be packing one less pair of socks or package of beef jerky.

1) My cell phone.  This is an obvious choice.  It’s my lifeline and even if I can only communicate via text it’s better than nothing in an emergency.  It also doubles as my primary GPS device (off line) and has never let me down.

2) My iPad.  I love my iPad.  I have a keyboard case and use it much like I would a laptop.  In fact I am typing this blog on my iPad right now while sitting in the shade outside.  Eventually I would like to replace it with a MacBook or Laptop.

3) Amazon FireTV Stick.  It’s portable and since we have subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc it’s a great option to have movies or TV available when we are either relaxing or stuck indoors.

4) The GoPro is mounted to the bike or car dash whenever we leave on a new adventure.   I have extra batteries charged and ready to go and a selection of accessories to choose for any situation.   I shoot video while driving, during rest stops, at destinations.  It’s my go to camera for video.

5) A backpack battery.  The one I travel with is a xxxxxxx and can charge 3 devices at the same time and holds enough power to charge my iPad 3 times before needing recharged itself.    Charge the GoPro, MyFi, Phone all at once.

6) MyFi.   It’s the fast mobile internet connection what I can use where ever my signal drops or is non existent.  We have cell phone plans on separate carriers which I think is smart.  If you want a MyFi or similar device you want it to work where your normal coverage does not.

This may not sound like a lot but when you consider the cables, cases, and accessories that go with each it adds up to half of one storage compartment on the Spyder.   If we are traveling by car there will be a separate bag just for this stuff.

Oh and one other point of clarification, this doesn’t include Wendy’s list.  Even thought it’s smaller it’s just as important to her.

What’s on your must have travel tech list?  Let us know in the comments below.  We love reading them.

Until next time.

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