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We are Mark & Wendy and this is Our Scenic Life.

We have been married for 27 wonderful years as of 2016.  We have 3 amazing children.  Twin boys who are 18 and our 20-year-old daughter.


Mark & Wendy – Our Scenic Life

We have always been the type of family who prefers and promotes life’s precious memories over possessions.   We have been blessed with good careers which have allowed us to do quite a bit of traveling.   We have been as far west as Catalina Island, south to Key West, north to Alaska, and east to New Hampshire.    When the kids were small we lived in an RV for over 8 months and volunteered as camp site hosts at one of the local state campgrounds.  Before that we camped regularly in tents, then a pop-up camper, then our Class A gas motor home.   We have traveled extensively over the years on cruise ships with both of us considered at the platinum level of a cruise lines preferred guest list.   Our preferred method of travel now is our 2014 CanAm Spyder.

We love the outdoors, the road less traveled, the scenic views, and a lifestyle that is laid back and relaxing.  We are not adventurous but prefer adventuring.

Now that the kids are grown and we are starting the next chapter of our lives we find ourselves searching for Our Scenic Life.  We have been inspired by others who have taken the next step to independence and we hope that we can inspire others to adapt to this type of lifestyle where your home is truly where your heart is.   Where every turn is a new memory, and every day is an adventure worth getting up for, different from the previous.

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Our Scenic Life
Mark & Wendy

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